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Have you heard of CQuartz? Orinda Auto Detail uses this amazing product for auto paint protection, and it’s wonderful! CQuartz is used by our Orinda detailing team as an 18-month auto paint sealant, which make it more durable than waxes and leaves a glass-like finish.

CQuartz is becoming popular among many Orinda auto owners. This auto paint protection product is the first nano silica coating that is made from a concentration of SiO2 (Quartz), which means that the coating acts like hard glass. When applied to your vehicle’s surface, it creates a thick, protective barrier against fine swirls, bird droppings, tar, UV rays, and oil. Because of its makeup, our Orinda clients love CQuartz because it leaves a glossy shine that is amazingly clear, has extreme strength, and provides long-lasting water-repellency.

An illustration of how CQuartz forms a solid crystal layer over the paint surface.

CQuartz | Orinda Auto Detail image #2

When you compare CQuartz to the waxes we use at Orinda Auto Detail, its glassy finish is more durable. Most traditional waxes and sealants are meant to last for months, while this product tends to last beyond a year, even in extreme environments. Plus, the gloss and clarity of this auto paint sealant is simply stunning!

If you want to see what this product can do for your auto paint protection or any of our other auto detail services, contact us by scheduling an online appointment. Hugo Perez, our Manager at Orinda Auto Detail, is a CQuartz expert, and he will be happy to answer even your toughest questions. Orinda Auto Detail is conveniently located at 22 Bryant Way, Orinda, CA 94563.